Adjusting your marketing vision

Adjusting your marketing vision

If you’re thinking that you’re no marketing expert, we have good news! You don’t need a degree in marketing to successfully market your ophthalmology practice. Marketing your practice has less to do with creating flashy slogans and images and more to do with following a well-thought-out plan that your practice can easily master. To start effectively marketing a growing, successful ophthalmology practice, follow these tips with your team.

1. Craft a long-term marketing plan

Generally practices with clear long-term goals do better than practices with no clear plan. Ideally your practice should have a detailed marketing plan for one year and a broader plan for five years. Craft a marketing plan with goals that are:

  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Time-based
  • Specific

Remember to craft goals that suit your unique practice considering your location, patient demographics, competition and more. For example, if your practice is in an aging community, your one year goal could include performing ten cataract surgeries every month for the year. 

2. Create a dynamic plan

While long-term planning is essential, it is equally important to review your marketing plan and make adjustments periodically. Review how effective your marketing plan is every month and every quarter, and make changes as needed. At the end of the year, identify what was effective and what wasn’t when creating a new plan for the year.

3. Communicate with patients

One of the best places to start your marketing plan is with your existing and past patients. Make sure your recall system is effective by auditing twenty charts every day until you have covered one hundred charts. If many are out of compliance, go back through 3-5 years’ charts, contacting each patient and scheduling follow-up treatments. Make scheduling appointments simple and use automated reminders to improve patient retention. When patients come in for an appointment, make them feel welcome and make sure they are aware of all the services you offer!

4. Connect with the right people

Finally, in the field of ophthalmology, old school marketing through networking is still alive and well! You and your practice will need to be active in staying connected with optometrists, physicians, and even opticians, pharmacists, nurses, chiropractors and others in your community in regular contact with those who need your services. A good impression and visibility in your community will go a long way in getting quick, consistent referrals that will keep your practice growing.