Are you the visionary leader your practice needs?

Are you the visionary leader your practice needs?

When you think of how to describe yourself, what comes to mind? Many ophthalmologists would describe themselves as detail-oriented, decisive, and skilled, but not many would say that they are leaders. However, if you run your own ophthalmology practice, you are a leader! The only question is how well are you leading your practice? Keep reading to learn a few keys to unlock your leadership potential.

Expand your vision

Having a clear, long-term vision is one of the key factors that sets exceptional leaders apart. This may mean spending more time thinking about the future and analyzing current trends to craft a long-term plan for your practice. Consider current and projected demographics for your city, which treatments are bringing in reliable revenue, and what investments your practice may need to make to compete with other practices in the coming years.

Communicate wisely

The way you say things is just as important as what you say. Be aware of your tone and body language to ensure that you are communicating the right message. As a leader, you will also need to think carefully about what to communicate and what to keep to yourself to make sure you are sharing clear, concise plans that your team can get on board with.

Invest in others

Effective leadership has nothing to do with you and everything to do with others. As an ophthalmologist, the “others” you must be thinking about include current and future patients in your community, your non-clinical staff members, and your clinical staff. You will need to be aware of the needs of your patients and staff and take steps to provide guidance and make plans and decisions that will benefit them. When your patients and staff are thriving, your practice will thrive, and you will reap the benefits.

Learn from the best

You may be the expert on treating macular degeneration, but that does not make you an excellent leader. Just as you learned your advanced ophthalmic knowledge and skills from the best ophthalmologists, if you want your practice to thrive, you will need to learn leadership skills from the best leaders. Read books and other literature by experts, attend seminars or courses on leadership especially for medical practices like yours, and talk to respected peers who have already learned how to lead their teams well.