Episode 66

How to Leverage Technology and AI to Grow Your Practice by Dr. Anish Kapur: with Bonus Content – Two Biggest Marketing Mistakes Ophthalmology Practice Owners Make in 2023

by Ophthalmology Business Academy | March 1, 2024

This week, we are excited to share our podcast episode, which features our webinar with Dr. Anish Kapoor. The episode covers valuable insights into leveraging technology and smart marketing tactics to take your practice to the next level.


  • 00:02:57 – Introduction and Overview – Leveraging AI in Ophthalmology Practices.
  • 00:03:52 – Exploration of AI tools and applications in healthcare, highlighting their impact on efficiency and patient care.
  • 00:12:02 – AI-Powered Patient Engagement – Insights into using AI for patient engagement, insurance eligibility, and streamlining meetings with AI tools like Fireflies AI.
  • 00:17:26 – Productivity Tools and Software  Exploration of tools like IRS, Grammarly, and project management software to improve business operations and communication.

Marketing and SEO Strategies for Ophthalmology

  • 00:30:13 – Two biggest marketing mistakes ophthalmology practice owners make in 2024 
    • Not knowing ophthalmology buyer’s journey
    • Underestimating the Value of SEO Compared to Paid Ads
  • 00:44:20 – Importance of tailored strategies, and mastering the ophthalmology buyer’s journey.
  • 00:49:20 – How does Ekwa help you?

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Anish Kapur, M.D.

Founder and President of FocalPoint Holdings

Dr. Anish Kapur is a physician who works to create innovative technology solutions that aim to revolutionize the healthcare industry. He was a founder of iMedicWare, the first cloud-based EMR and PM system built specifically for ophthalmology, which grew to become one of the largest technology companies in the eye care space before it was acquired. Currently, he is the President of FocalPoint Holdings, a privately-held investment, technology, and management firm. By focusing on the needs of patients and practices first, they specialize in building successful companies within the ophthalmic and optometric space. One of his primary duties is to lead their flagship company, Promptly, which offers a full patient experience software system that improves and automates front office processes while revolutionizing the way that practices interact with their patients.

Naren Arulrajah

Founder – Ophthalmology Business Academy
Founder & CEO – Ekwa Marketing

Naren Arulrajah is a self-described “serial entrepreneur,” enthusiastic about serving others. For more than ten years he has helped ophthalmology professionals find practice success with personal fulfillment.
As the founder of The Ophthalmology Business Academy and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, Naren has brought together a talented team of global experts in all areas of digital marketing. Ekwa’s International client base currently numbers about 200, at all stages of practice from start-ups to growth, transitioning to new leadership, and merger and acquisition.

Naren is always focused on giving back much value to the Ophthalmology and medical community that has been instrumental in his own success.

With a philosophy, in personal and professional life, of surrounding himself with others as passionate about success as he is, Naren fosters a philanthropic environment of sharing.
Naren is a consultant, speaker, author, and above all an inspirational innovator. AceTech Ontario honored Naren’s accomplishments with their 2014 Leadership Initiative Award.

Ryan Davies

Digital Marketing Advisor
Ekwa Marketing

Ryan Davies is a seasoned digital marketing advisor at ekwa.com, renowned for his sales and marketing psychology expertise. With a wealth of experience collaborating with companies and political campaigns, Ryan profoundly understands the intricacies of consumer behavior and how it influences purchasing decisions. As a certified Sandler Sales and Challenger Expert, he brings a unique perspective, employing innovative sales techniques that drive tangible results.

Recognized as a dynamic speaker and presenter, Ryan has graced numerous trade shows and events across North America, captivating audiences with his insightful talks on sales and marketing strategies. His ability to communicate complex concepts relatable and engagingly has earned him a reputation as a sought-after industry expert. Attendees at his presentations gain practical insights and actionable takeaways that can be applied directly to their business endeavors.


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