Episode 24

Digital, Telehealth & AI Tools in Ophthalmology: Enhancing Patient Care, Access and Reducing Clinician Burnout

by Ophthalmology Business Academy | May 4, 2023

In this episode, Naren talks with Dr. Tommy Korn, a digital ophthalmologist who has integrated technology into his practice to enhance patient care and improve efficiency. He shares his background and interest in digital tools in ophthalmology and explains how telehealth and mobile EMRs have benefited his career. Dr. Korn also discusses the importance of patient privacy and security when using digital tools. He shares practical examples of how technology positively impacts doctors and patients. Additionally, Dr. Korn shares his expertise featured in an Apple commercial and his thoughts on wearable technology in healthcare. Finally, he advises healthcare professionals interested in incorporating digital tools into their practice.


  • 00:02:02 – Meet the expert! Dr. Tommy Korn’s Journey in Ophthalmology
  • 00:06:21 – Telehealth and EMRs to improve the efficiency of your practice
  • 00:12:34 –  Does technology replace a doctor’s job?
  • 00:16:23 – Practical examples of how technology can be helpful to the community
    • Patients can capture their eyes using their smartphones
    • Instant communication with patients
    • To log in to your EMR within seconds
  • 00:25:15 – Dr. Korn’s experiences working with Apple 
  • 00:33:07 – Safeguarding privacy with emerging technologies
    • The level of privacy on Apple devices
  • 00:37:44 – Advice for physicians who look to incorporate digital tools into their practice
  • 00:41:28 – Connect with Dr. Korn


Tommy Korn, MD

Cataract & Cornea Transplant Eye Surgeon at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group

Dr. Tommy Korn, an ophthalmologist at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group in San Diego, has led digital health initiatives involving Apple CareKit, Apple Watch, and iPads to enhance patient care. He developed the Sharp Health Companion, an early CareKit-based app for cataract surgery patients, and gained recognition for using his Apple Watch to assist a friend experiencing a heart condition and using iPhone camera technologies to diagnose and document eye conditions.  

Find more of Dr. Korn’s work in the digital health space on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tommykornmd


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