Episode 7

Hiring and Retention in 2023 and Beyond

by Ophthalmology Business Academy | January 4, 2023

Everyone plays a unique role within an organization and must be taken care of equally. People spend half their lives working, and if they feel they need to be more appreciated appropriately or their work doesn’t bring any meaning, they won’t have a problem walking out the front door. The Great Resignation is evidence of that. Implementing a powerful retention strategy is important for your practice’s success.

In this episode, Megan Odell, Associate Director of ASCRS Foundation, discusses the hiring and retention strategies for 2023 and beyond.

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Key points discussed,

  • The ophthalmic staffing shortage
  • Healthy practice culture
  • Signs of a toxic workplace
  • Talent acquisition 
  • Elements of a successful recruiting strategy
  • Workplace culture
  • Staff management strategies
  • And more


  • 00:02:16   – Tips and strategies for ophthalmology practices dealing with staffing shortages.
  • 00:04:01   – Cultural hallmarks play a vital role in a practice’s success
  • 00:05:52   – Patient experience & Patient Satisfaction : Training team members
  • 00:08:38   – Toxic Employees – How to manage & coach them
  • 00:12:45   – Recruitment strategies for 2023 and beyond
  • 00:15:08   – Power of online reputation scores on glassdoor
  • 00:17:22   – Common recruiting mistakes: How to avoid them
  • 00:19:52   – Appreciation and Recognition: Creating a culture of recognition
  • 00:24:46   – Shaping a culture that will retain employees

About Megan Odell

Megan Odell, BHA, MHHR
Associate Director at ASCRS Foundation

Megan Odell, MHHR, graduated from Texas State University with her bachelor’s degree in health care administration and later a master’s degree in health care human resources. Through the world of ophthalmology, where Megan has spent the last five years of her dozen-plus years in the medical field, she developed a tremendous passion for preventing blindness. She currently serves as the Associate Director at ASCRS Foundation.

Megan’s specialization includes marketing management, business development, training and development, employee and patient satisfaction, and HR management.

Connect with Megan:  www.linkedin.com/in/megan-odell/ 


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