Episode 39

How to Dominate Google Search?

by Ophthalmology Business Academy | August 16, 2023

“Just like acing university admissions, mastering Google’s algorithm is the key to online success.”
– Naren Arulrajah

In today’s digital landscape, a robust online presence is an absolute must for businesses across all industries, including the healthcare sector. The strategic implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the potential to significantly enhance the prospects of ophthalmology practice owners who are striving for success.

In this episode, co-host Sarah Duval and guest speaker Naren Arulrajah, an SEO expert who works with ophthalmologists, discuss how healthcare practices, specifically in ophthalmology, can benefit from understanding Google’s ranking algorithm.

You know, getting into a top school or ranking high in Google searches isn’t so different. It’s all about showcasing your strengths in the right way.

It’s like optimizing a website. You want to prove you’re the expert in your field and that people can trust you. Original, high-quality content is key to establishing authority. And just like admissions officers look at recommendations, Google considers things like reviews and backlinks from other respected sources. In this episode, Naren explains the significance of six essential factors that helps you to get into the top 5%,

  • Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) consistency
  • Google Lighthouse scores
  • Expertise, authority, trust
  • Original content
  • Quality backlinks
  • Google reviews


  • 00:01:27 Quick recap of the previous episode “Why are Google ads more expensive than Google organic?
    Only 5% of web pages and ophthalmology practices get free traffic
    The 95% have no choice but to depend on paid ads
    The 5% who master it have an unfair advantage. They have a huge leg up on the competition
    Visitors coming through Google ads only spend 15 seconds, versus those who come through organic or SEO spend 90 seconds

  • 00:06:23 Six strategies to dominate google
    Google recognizes the way universities work. They look at five or six things, and if you do really well in those five things, you have a decent chance of getting into the top 5%

  • 00:15:06 What is NAP?
    The importance of having a consistent name, address, and phone number on every page

  • 00:19:55 What is Google Lighthouse Score
    There are five buckets under Google Lighthouse
    Google doesn’t want to rank a site that violates any of the global laws

  • 00:23:53 Done-for-you marketing plan
    Why a marketing strategy meeting is important, and how to use it to stay on the path to success

  • 00:26:42 How important is original content? How to use it?
    Google’s standard is 95% of the content on the page has to be original

  • 00:30:10 How to know if you are doing well with Google SEO and digital marketing


Naren Arulrajah

CEO of Ekwa Marketing
Founder of Ophthalmology Business Academy
Ophthalmology Marketing Consultant

Naren Arulrajah is a “visionary entrepreneur” who believes that success is a by-product of our dedication to serving others. 

Naren is the CEO and Founder of Ekwa Marketing (www.ekwa.com). Ekwa is a 200-person team and a leader in helping doctors dominate Google and digital marketing. Ekwa exclusively serves doctors in private practice. Ekwa’s clients include ophthalmologists, ob-gyns, dentists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and med-spa owners. 

Naren is most proud of the fact that 95% of Ekwa’s clients stay with Ekwa year after year.

Naren has personally consulted with doctors who own and operate ophthalmology practices across the US and helped them scale from startups to multi-million dollar practices. His digital marketing expertise and entrepreneurial experience are appreciated by doctors worldwide. 

Naren consistently focuses on giving back much value to the ophthalmology and medical community, which has been instrumental in his own success. In that spirit, along with other key opinion leaders, he founded Ophthalmology Business Academy (www.obacademy.org) to help doctors find personal, professional, and financial success.

Naren is a consultant, speaker, author, and innovator. AceTech Ontario honored Naren’s accomplishments with its 2014 Leadership Initiative Award.

Visit https://www.ekwa.com/ for more information.


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