Episode 31

Incorporating Clinical Trials into Your Ophthalmology Practice

by Ophthalmology Business Academy | June 21, 2023

This episode is hosted by Dr. David Lazar and features special guest Dr. Jonathan Cabin. In this episode, Dr. Cabin shares his impressive background, from starting as an investment banker to pursuing his passion for medicine and becoming a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. 

The focus of the conversation shifts to the world of clinical research and its relevance to private practices in ophthalmology. Dr. Cabin provides insights into the importance of clinical research in advancing the field of medicine. He highlights the need for private practices to participate in clinical research and the benefits that come with it. Dr. Cabin discusses the advantages of Macro Trials, which allow independent practitioners to participate in clinical trials without requiring extensive infrastructure or resources.

Join the conversation on the vital role of clinical trials in private ophthalmology practices by tuning in to this informative and inspiring podcast episode.


  • 00:01:11 – How did Dr. Cabin get started in medicine? 
  • 00:03:29 – What is the advantage of having a business background in medicine? 
  • 00:05:07 – How did he get involved in clinical trials? 
    • Outsourced clinical trials department for any practice
  • 00:11:49 – How to get involved in clinical trials
    • Where to start
    • The biggest pain point in the clinical trial world
    • The best advice, think about why you want to do research
  • 00:15:28 – Final remarks


Jonathan Cabin, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon
Board of Directors at Macro Trials

Dr. Jonathan Cabin is a New York and Beverly Hills-trained facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon, with expertise in surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation, primary and revision rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and facial reconstruction. Having practiced in the heart of Beverly Hills for over five years, Dr. Cabin’s primary goal is to provide his patients with safe, cutting-edge treatments that lead to flawless aesthetic and cosmetic results.

Dr. Cabin received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and his pre-medical studies at Columbia University in New York City. He then went on to complete his medical training at the Yale School of Medicine. At Yale, Dr. Cabin was a leader within the New Haven Free Clinic, performed bench-to-bedside neurosurgical research on epilepsy, and served as Anatomy Teaching Program instructor for local high school students. His academic performance earned him multiple scholarships, both through the Yale Club of New Haven and the Waterbury Medical Association. After obtaining his medical degree, Dr. Cabin pursued sub-specialty training in Head and Neck Surgery at the prestigious New York Eye & Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in New York City.

During his residency, Dr. Cabin became particularly attracted to the artistic, functional and patient-centered practice of facial plastic surgery. After his head and neck surgery training, he was hand-picked from hundreds of national and international applicants for a single elite fellowship spot with a group of world-renowned plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Dr. Cabin excelled during his fellowship and – after completion – was asked to remain within the practice to serve a growing list of loyal patients. Dr. Cabin was also awarded a faculty position within this same fellowship, helping to educate rising facial plastic surgery trainees.

Dr. Cabin has published textbook chapters and written peer-review articles examining all aspects of facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), ear reconstruction and the use of botulinum toxin (Botox®) for persistent facial paralysis and synkinesis. He has served as investigator in several pivotal Phase II and III FDA clinical trials and is a board member and Chief Medical Officer of MACRO Trials, a company focused on inclusivity and simplicity in clinical research. He is passionate about giving back and regularly travels abroad to perform reconstructive surgery on children of underserved communities with craniofacial birth abnormalities.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Cabin is an avid skier and recreational photographer, and enjoys live music, international travel and spending time with his wife and three young children.

Connect with Dr. Cabin: linkedin.com/in/joncabin

Website: www.macrotrials.com


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