Episode 57

It’s all about the Patient Experience: Lessons from Shareef Mahdavi

by Ophthalmology Business Academy | December 20, 2023

In this engaging episode, Shareef Mahdavi, the author behind ‘Beyond Bedside Manner’ shares invaluable insights on implementing straightforward yet effective steps to enhance the overall patient experience significantly.


  • 00:01:19 – About “ Beyond Bedside Manner”
  • 00:03:45 – What motivated him to write a book
  • 00:05:49 – His Journey in Ophthalmology
  • 00:12:31 – Easy tips to enhance patient experience
  • 00:19:51 – Alternative Methods for Assessing Behind-the-Scenes Patient Experience
  • 00:28:16 – Biggest three frustrations
  • 00:32:06 – The Global Economy of Ophthalmology
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Shareef Mahdavi

Founder of SM2 Strategic
Expert on Perfecting the Patient Experience

Shareef Mahdavi started SM2 Strategic in 2001 to help doctors be better in their chosen profession.  His career prior to that was spent in two leading healthcare organizations that pointed him towards ophthalmology.  

Beginning as a management trainee at SmithKline Beckman (now Glaxo SmithKline), Shareef rose through sales and marketing roles at Allergan Humphrey (now Zeiss) and went on to lead the marketing launch at VISX, the developer of the laser platform used in LASIK. 

His firm helps build market acceptance and demand for services and procedures where patients pay directly, broadly described as self-pay or elective healthcare.  SM2 Strategic has helped over fifty companies and thousands of doctors.  

A frequent speaker and author, Shareef was recognized for his work to improve the patient experience as recipient of the 2011 Experience Management Award, given annually by Experience Economy authors Pine and Gilmore in recognition of leadership in customer experience.   

The firm’s focus has expanded in recent years to include helping doctors make better financial decisions regarding daily operations as well as the future of their practices.  

Shareef’s new book, Beyond Bedside Manner, offers insights to doctors and their teams on how to improve the patient experience.  

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shareefmahdavi


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