Episode 46

Leadership in the Post-Pandemic World

by Ophthalmology Business Academy | October 4, 2023

Leadership is an important component of any organization, and your practice is no exception. It’s the foundation of delivering superior patient care, as it shapes your employees and organizational culture. In this episode, Mike dives into how leadership is impacting team engagement, productivity, and the bottom line for your practice – backed up by research data. 

Is your practice lagging? Could it be due to leadership? Tune in to find out!


  • 00:02:08 – Why has leadership become extremely important in the post-pandemic world? 
  • 00:03:41 – Helping hand to leadership issues in your practice
  • 00:08:46 – How can we effectively communicate the importance of investing in human resource management and employee engagement to stakeholders who might prioritize financial success but overlook these critical aspects in our practice?
  • 00:10:42 – The concept of ‘Shoots and Ladders’ in the context of employee development and leadership within the practice culture. How does this concept apply to the process of building a positive workplace culture?
  • 00:15:47 – What is the Prism leadership Model? 
  • 00:20:01 – Be the leader you wish you could have had 
    • A common misalignment in practices is treating training as an event rather than an ongoing process.
    • Mike shares a poem called “Indispensable Man” by Saxon White Kessinger, emphasizing the idea that true leadership involves lifting others rather than making yourself indispensable.
  • 00:26:12 – Connect with Mike


Mike Guelcher

Managing Partner  and Co-founder- Prism Consulting Partners, LLC

Mike is a managing partner and co-founder at Prism Consulting Partners – a healthcare consulting and advisory firm which specializes in three key areas:

  1. Leadership/employee engagement & culture development.
  2. Organizational assessment & succession planning.
  3. Practice transitions.

His experiences in increasing roles of leadership have spanned 25 years and 2 fortune 500 companies where he has led teams as well as trained, developed and onboarded hundreds of representatives through organizational change and expansion. Most recently, he also led a successful multi-region expansion effort for a large private equity-backed Optometric group working closely with numerous individual and multi-site practices.

Outside Prism, he spends time as an active member of the Upper Palmetto Advisory Board of Let Me Run and F3 Nation. He resides in Fort Mill, SC with his wife and two children.

Connect with Mike:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mike-guelcher-1144ab2
Website: prismconsultingpartners.com


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