Episode 49

Optimizing Dry Eye Care in Your Practice: Clinical Excellence and Business Success? 

by Ophthalmology Business Academy | October 25, 2023

In a recent episode of our show, we had the honor of hosting Dr. Cynthia Matossian, a distinguished and highly regarded ophthalmologist who has made significant contributions to the field. As an industry pioneer, Dr. Matossian has paved the way for many advancements and innovations in ophthalmology, and we were thrilled to have her share her expertise and insights with our audience.

In this episode, Dr. Matossian shares her expertise on incorporating dry eye treatments into any ophthalmology practice.


  • 00:01:59 – Dr. Matossian’s story in ophthalmology
  • 00:04:30 – What role does Dry Eye play in an ophthalmology practice?
  • 00:11:15 – An In-depth Look at Pre-operative Dry Eye Assessment
  • 00:15:08 – Recommendations for High-Quality Omega-3 Supplementation
  • 00:17:06 – Strategies for Effective Pre- and Post-operative Dry Eye Treatment
  • 00:20:53 – Navigating Reimbursement Considerations for Dry Eye Management
  • 00:22:41 – Seamlessly Integrating Dry Eye Care into Your Practice
  • 00:26:58 – How can a practice become successful with onboarding a new group of services, such as Dry Eye?
    • Some people comment that Dry Eye patients take too much chair time and that providing these services may not be profitable. What are your thoughts about profitability and Dry Eye services?

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Cynthia Matossian, MD

Founder, Matossian Eye Associates

Founder and past Medical Director of Matossian Eye Associates (MEA), Dr. Cynthia Matossian, is the Chief Medical Officer for Visiox, a privately founded biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of ophthalmic therapeutics. She is also the Chief Medical Officer of Glint Pharmaceuticals, a start-up with a novel drug delivery platform through readily available soft contact lenses. She is the CEO of GPOphtho, a group purchasing organization for ophthalmology.

An emeritus board-certified refractive cataract surgeon and a dry eye specialist, Dr. Matossian is a consultant and advisor to many pharma and medical device companies. She lectures nationally and internationally, often holding leadership roles. She is on the Board of Directors of Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals, the leading Omega 3 supplements distributor within eye care. Dr. Matossian is the President of the American College of Eye Surgeons and the NY IOL Implant Society. She is an active advisor to StepWise Medical, an incubator company that funds and manages key steps in ophthalmology.

Dr. Matossian started her practice in 1987 with one office and two employees. The practice continued to grow to 14 doctors and over 90 employees. Matossian Eye was acquired in 2019 by Prism Vision Group, a PE-backed business entity. Together, with a group of eye surgeons, Dr. Matossian developed and built a successful freestanding ambulatory center at a time when ASC ownership was not commonplace

Connect with Dr. Matossian

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/cynthiamatossian 

American College of Eye Technicians: tinyurl.com/5f7wv95f 

GPOphtho: tinyurl.com/mvw74tta


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